Who Am I

Financial Freedom Through Investing, Business, & Entrepreneurship

I have always been a problem solver. Since I was a kid, I was the one my parents would go to for tech support. I was the one that would build our toys on Christmas morning. I was the one that would fix what was broken. When it came time to go to college, I did what I was supposed to. I studied engineering and found a “steady” job at a tech company. Then it came time to solve a new problem. What was I going to do about money? I wanted lots of it! My “steady” job was not going to get me there and the more I worked, the more I realized that 2% yearly raise was not going to cut it.

That is when I discovered the wealth building power of real estate. I was obsessed. I read every real estate book I could find. Every book I read led me down a rabbit hole of knowledge and awakening that convinced me that the only way I was ever going to be wealthy was by owning real estate. In 2009, I bought my first rental property and have been investing in real estate ever since. I was lucky enough to be able to quit that “steady” job in tech back in 2016. Since then I have been exploring opportunities in investing, business, and entrepreneurship. This place will serve as a platform for me to document some of the wisdom I have acquired and will acquire throughout the years, to hopefully inspire others to pursue the same financial freedom.

Carlos Rovira